VIDEO: The Ayurveda Body Type

VIDEO: The Ayurveda Body Type

"What's My Dosha?"

Why Asking That Question Is Just Not Enough

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Prakriti: The Key To Life-Long Health

One of the most frequent things that people ask when they begin to learn Ayurveda is, 'What is my body type?' 'What is my constitution?' Or they may say, 'What is my dosha?' And while this is very important information to is only really useful when it is learned and understood from a fairly sophisticated framework.

In a powerful video class filmed at the recent Floracopeia Immersion retreat, Jai Dev teaches on Prakriti, the Ayurvedic Constitution.  

When you possess the knowledge of your Ayurvedic body/mind constitution, and have a sophisticated understanding of what it really means…it acts as a key that unlocks the pathways to good health and good vitality for your entire life.

This video class is approximately thirty minutes long. It is entertaining, enlightening, full of inspiring Ayurvedic teachings….and you can watch it for free here.

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